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Future is here

AVES coin restores the availability of the previous version of ETHEREUM to the mining market and in doing so stimulates and finances green energy projects.

We have developed a system that stores 5% of each block in our blockchain to a publicly announced address from which funds are distributed to alternative energy innovators. This will be done through a legal community vote and publicised through the media. Everyone will be able to see how much money has been spent and on which green energy projects. Aves is a POW coin and will remain so until we find a new way of blockchain updating that requires special hardware with minimal spending energy, on the condition that it doesn’t only benefit rich people. For example, the blockchain instructs the mining software to record what hardware users are using and then, if the criteria are met, to send data to the network, using only a minimum of hardware capacity.
Aves network is upgraded with new protocols (and become L2 POW compatible coin) EIPs 152, 1108, 1344, 1844, 2028 and 2200. DDoS attack resilience (EIP 1344) Interoperability with equihash-based proof-of-work (PoW) cryptocurrencies such as zcash (EIP 152).

Zero-knowledge privacy technologies such as zk-SNARKs, also upgraded.

The Aves project is supported by a legal company based in Croatia. (EU)

Information about the company can be found at the following link:

Our team also launched the first social network that communicates through a public blockchain with our algorithm that enables unbreakable encryption. With this, we have achieved that the social network has complete user protection and no one but the user can see his communication, not even the developers of this platform.




AVES advantages

Provides a trusted and safe environment

In a decentralized blockchain network, no one has to know or trust anyone else. Each member in the network has a copy of the exact same data in the form of a distributed ledger. If a member’s ledger is altered or corrupted in any way, it will be rejected by the majority of the members in the network.

Improves data reconciliation
Companies often exchange data with their partners. This data, in turn, is typically transformed and stored in each party’s data silos, only to resurface when it needs to be passed downstream. Each time the data is transformed, it opens up opportunities for data loss or incorrect data to enter the workstream. By having a decentralized data store, every entity has access to a real-time, shared view of the data.
Reduces points of weakness
Decentralization can reduce points of weakness in systems where there may be too much reliance on specific actors. These weak points could lead to systemic failures, including failure to provide promised services or inefficient service due to the exhaustion of resources, periodic outages, bottlenecks, lack of sufficient incentives for good service, or corruption.
Optimizes resource distribution
Decentralization can also help optimize the distribution of resources so that promised services are provided with better performance and consistency, as well as a reduced likelihood of catastrophic failure.


Warden web3 email

Project from AVES crew web3 email, code name WARDEN, it cannot be hacked with today any known tools. Product can be bought on link https://ico.avescoin.i0

This is an excellent solution for military purposes, big companies or anyone who want their data to be protected at the highest possible level
AVES blockchain have lower gas fee in compare with Ethereum 1.0 so we have more TPS (transfer per second)
Even is our coin POW, we implemented staking options in our wallets, so users can stake their own coin for desired time amount and get reward 1% for every 30.000 blocks which will be created in the estimated time of up to 5 days.
We have ensured funds for user staking and that is implemented with a smart contract.

Benefits of blockchain technology


Blockchain creates trust between different entities where trust is either nonexistent or unproven. As a result, these entities are willing to engage in business dealings that involve transactions or data sharing that they may not have otherwise done or would have required an intermediary to do so. The enablement of trust is one blockchain's most cited benefits. Its value is evident in early blockchain use cases that facilitated transactions among entities that didn't have direct relationships yet still had to share data or payments.

Decentralized structure

Blockchain really proves its value when there's no central actor who enables trust. So, in addition to enabling trust when participants lack trust because they're unknown to each other, blockchain enables sharing of data within an ecosystem of businesses where no single entity is exclusively in charge.

Reduced costs

Blockchain's nature also can cut costs for organizations. It creates efficiencies in processing transactions. It also reduces manual tasks such as aggregating and amending data, as well as easing reporting and auditing processes.More broadly, blockchain helps businesses cut costs by eliminating middlemen -- vendors and third-party providers -- that have traditionally provided the processing that blockchain can do.

Improved security and privacy

The security of blockchain-enabled systems is another leading benefit of this emerging technology. The enhanced security offered by blockchain stems from how the technology actually works: Blockchain creates an unalterable record of transactions with end-to-end encryption, which shuts out fraud and unauthorized activity. Additionally, data on the blockchain is stored across a network of computers, making it nearly impossible to hack (unlike conventional computer systems that store data together in servers). Furthermore, blockchain can address privacy concerns better than traditional computer systems by anonymizing data and requiring permissions to limit access.

Individual control of data

Blockchain enables an unprecedented amount of individual control over one's own digital data, experts said. ``In a world where data is a very valuable commodity, the technology inherently protects the data that belongs to you while allowing you to control it.


Tokenization is the process where the value of an asset (whether a physical or digital one) is converted into a digital token that is then recorded on and then shared via blockchain. Tokenization has caught on with digital art and other virtual assets, but tokenization has broader applications that could smooth business transactions.

Introducing Liquid Staked AVES.

stAVES will always be Pegged to at least 1.005 AVES and will have an annual price appreciation of 5-10%, depending on AVES network emission and dex trading volume. Potentially it can be 20-25%, if dex volume starts to grow.

To earn staking rewards for your AVES, you don’t have to lock it up in any smart contract. Just convert your AVES token to mint stAVES, and you can sell stAVES anytime you want with no lockup period.

Low Tax: 4% for minting [minting = buying stAVES, offset by 5% annual base peg rise + PEG boost + Volume-derived reflection rewards paid in stAVES] and 3% when redeeming [Redemption = selling stAVES to get AVES].

But if you Mint and Hold stAVES, the following are the benefits:
1. Guaranteed redemption anytime on-chain in a trustless fashion with 1.002 AVES as the BASE price.
2. Annual 5% rewards are automatically distributed as rising PEG value to 5% per year, compounded daily. Guaranteed and not dependent on trading volume.
3. A portion of AVES-stAVES tax will be distributed to stAVES holders as PEG boost rewards. [Depending on trading volume, more volume, more rewards, no cap~]
4. A portion of AVES-stAVES tax will be added to your stAVES balance as reflection rewards. [Depending on trading volume, more volume, more rewards, no cap~]
Contract Verified:

P.S. Because of security reasons Community DEX works only on desktop pc, for now.

For using our community DEX we recommend installing a TockenPocket wallet or Trust wallet.


Road Map

Oct 1 2022
Development begins
Nov 15 2022
Launch AVES on testnet
Dec 15 2022
Aves mainnet is alive
Dec 15 2022
Crowdsale AVES started
Dec 30 2022
Development and marketing
Feb 15 2023
Aves platform launch
Feb 20 2023
Crowdsale AVES coin ends
Q1 2023
NFT marketplace launch
Q1-Q2 2023
Listing AVES on ecxhanges
Q2 and ->
DAP programming, development-related projects
DEX on AVES main-net
Revolutionary NFT market with protected content for the intellectual rights of sellers.
POS payment in merchant's shops with AVES mobile app

Aves desktop wallet

AVES desktop wallet extension can be
downloaded from trusted source
github clicking on icon

Aves web wallet

AVES web wallet extension
can be downloaded from trusted source
github clicking on icon

Aves mobile

AVES has an Android open-source mobile wallet. Feel free to inspect, download APK, and use the source code.

Trust wallet

Trust wallet is also supporting AVES, you need to install wallet then you go on and click connect wallet.

AwesWallet Privacy Policy

Data protection

We do not collect and save any of your private data by ourself with one exception: when you activate notifications for one account we will save a mapping between the Address in question and a FCM push key to send you the push. Your private keys, which are generated by AvesWallet are only stored locally on your device and are never shared automatically. You can manually share them if you wish (e.g. to transfer them to another device).

Third parties

Information like balances, transactions and other Ethereum related information are part of a public available and distributed ledger called the Ethereum Blockchain.


AvesWallet is interacting with Etherscan – you can find their policy here:

Privacy Policy for the use of Google Firebase

On Google Play AvesWallet is using Firebase. See their policy here:

If you have questions or suggestions – please contact us!


  • Name:AVES
  • Purchase methods accepted:BTC, USDT, LTC
Max Supply Unlimited AVS
Coins sold on ICO400 AVS
Cost of 1 AVSPrice variable
  • Chain ID33333
  • Bonus system:Yes, staking
  • TickerAVS
  • Premine2.000.000
  • Block time10 seconds
  • POW block reward3 AVS, 5% going to green energy funding public address
  • 99,9% Distribute to Community
  • 0% Reserved Funding
  • 0.01% Founders and Team
  • 0% Advisors


Awesome Team

Ibro Fazlić
CEO, developer, owner of Marant ltd
Toni Dumančić
Software developer-Blockchain specialist
Sumon Roy Tony
Software developer-Smart contract specialist
Sunjidul Islam Niloy
Software developer -Web3 specialist
Md Istiak Hussain
Smart contract and dApp developer
Željko Popović
Marketing manager
Sergey Gataulin
Community manager
Filip Klekar
Project manager